5 Sep 2014

How To Use RedSn0w To Unlock iPhone and Bypass iCloud Activation ( Guide )


Step 1 : Download the latest Firmware for your Device 

Step 2 : Download RedSn0w RC

Step 3 : Open RedSn0w RC and click on " Browse "

Step 4 : Navigate and Find the Firmware you downloaded

Step 5 : Once done , Click Next

Step 6 : Redsn0w will now start to preparing Jailbreak Data  

Step 7 : You will Now be prompted to Select " Just Bypass iCloud Activation " option . Make Sure " Just Bypass iCloud Activation " is Selected .

Step 8 : Now will be prompted to put your iOS Device in DFU Mode . Learn how to put your iOS Device in DFU Mode Here .

Step 9 : Your Device should Reboot Now . Remember to release the Home Button .

Step 10 : Your Device will Reboot again and RedSn0w will now began uploading the Exploit to Bypass iCloud Activation and new RAM disk and Kernel .

Step 11 : You will be notified once the process is complete . Click on the OK and then quit button to exit Application .

Step 12 : The rest of the process will take place on your Device , wait for it to complete . Your iOS Device will reboot once again ( which will take approximately 5 - 10 Minutes ) . You Will Now see the Home screen on your Device . Enjoy :)

Download RedSn0w 0.9.7rc1 Here


30 Aug 2014

BlackBerry OS 10.3


BlackBerry OS 10.3 is expected to make its debut on BlackBerry Passport in September 2014 .


Download OS 10.3 for all BlackBerry 10 devices
OS 10.3 has leaked for all BlackBerry 10 smartphone devices . Download it Here :-

How To Install OS 10.3 on Your BlackBerry 10 Device

Remember, this process will totally wipe your device, so the backup is important.

1. Download the file above to a Windows PC. Extract it from the ZIP file if it is zipped. If it is a ".rar" file, you will need a WinRar unpacking app on your PC to extract the file.

2. Connect your BlackBerry to the PC. Using Link, do a backup of your phone.

3.Locate the downloaded file and run the autoloader (double click on the EXE file) and a black DOS window appears indicating " Connecting to bootrom ". The DOS window processes the install, and begins to load the OS. If you have a security password, you will be asked to enter it.

4. When the OS loading is complete, your Device will reboot . Disconnect from the PC, and the device will start up.

5. Optional but recommended: Wipe your device at your Settings > Security > Security Wipe. This can take 30 minutes to an hour.

6. Go through the required device setup of connecting to WiFi, Agreements, enter your BlackBerry ID, and Get Acquainted screens.

7. Reconnect to the PC and perform your restore using BlackBerry Link.
Now, you will need to re-enter account passwords for email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


29 Aug 2014

BlackBerry Passport


BlackBerry has confirmed the BlackBerry Passport - Code named " Windermere "

• 4.5-Inch Touchscreen
• 3 GB RAM
• Quad-core 2.26 GHz CPU
• 32 GB Memory


" Passport " The Handset combines BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen .

The smartphone will reportedly launch this September'14 .


BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9983 " KHAN "


N4BB Leaks the Images of the Upcoming BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983, Code named " KHAN "

• 3.1 inch Touchscreen
• 2 GB RAM
• Dual-core 1.5 GHz CPU
• 64GB Memory


" Khan ” The Handset combines BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keyboard with a touchscreen .

The smartphone will reportedly launch late this year .


20 Aug 2014

Zammer - Revision App


Zammer - Revision App + Competitive Test Prep Game, SAT Vocabulary, Times tables & More .




 Winner of the 2013 Facebook / Gates Foundation HackEd 2.0 London EdTech hackathon 



Zammer is a revision game accessed through the web and mobile apps.














Play Zammer on the web or on mobile apps, all together, all at the same time.



Play against a friend or solo and answer quick fire questions about your subject to earn coins and badges, master your subject and slam your exam!  


Earn Zollars in-game To customise your avatar and theme


Zammer At School


  Schools set the pace

 Simple pupil and class setup. Use in class as a consolidation activity, as part of a blended learning scheme, as a homework activity or as part of revision. The flexibility to integrate with your scheme of work and the ability to add specific content to fit your lessons .


Teachers gain insight

Homework reporting, pupil and class attainment monitoring and school benchmarking for teachers allows continuous assessment and identification of required interventions without delay. Understand learning for individual pupils, across subjects and throughout your school.


Released : January 2014 ( for iOS)

                  Comming Soon ( For Android )

Download Zammer Here 



18 Jul 2014

16 Ways to Make your Blog Popular


Blog Regularly  

        Post Frequently . Blogging about what's new in market regularly is the key to Success . I recommend Blogging at lease 2 to 3 times a week . Don't just Blog once a month and think that people are going to visit your Site daily . StayOnSearch also says that posting good frequently can help raise the number of visitors to your blog .
Join Article Directories 

By Submitting your Blog to Article Directories You Get quality Back-Links , Traffic and also get Higher Rank in Search Engines . Checkout the Article Directories List by MasterMindBlogger . See the List Here .

Join Blog Directories
        Submit your Blog to Directories . Submitting your Blog to Directories will help your Blog appear in the Search of Search Engines ( Google , Bing , Yandex  etc ) . Here is a List of Directories :- 

Best of the Web -  Paid
DMOZ - Free
Dmegs - Free & Paid
JoeAnt - Paid
Blog Hub - Free
Technorati - Free
Greenstalk - Paid
Ice Rocket - Free
Submit Link - Paid
Boing Boing -  Free
Fuel My Blog - Free

Write Tutorials  ( How to Articles

A " How to " Article has longer life then other Articles . If you write an Article on an Event or on a New thing in the Market , It will get old with time but an " How to " Article that solves an issue stays useful forever

Make a Twitter Account of your Blog and Tweet your Blog Posts on it on Regular Basis . Add a Twitter Follow Widget on your Blog so your Visitors can follow you on Twitter easily . This is a decent way to get Followers on your Twitter Account as well as get visitors on your Blog .

Make a Facebook Page of your Blog and Promote it . Post your Blog Posts on your Facebook Page on Regular Basis . Add a Facebook Page Widget on your Blog so the visitors of your Blog can Like your Facebook Page Easily . This is a decent way to get Likes on your Facebook Page as well as get visitors on your Blog .

Free Downloads 

Give something to download for free on your Blog . Everyone likes getting something for free . You can provide anything for free , It can be an e-book or any stuff like that . This is a nice way to get Traffic on your Blog .

Start a Contest

Starting a Contest and providing a Reward for the winner can attract a large number of people to your Blog . To Make people Aware about your Contest , Share about your contest on Social Networking Sites Like Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Instagram etc 

Commenting Links

Post the link of your Blogposts on different blogs related to the Topic of your Blog . This will also bring you Traffic .

Guest Blogging 

Be a Guest Blogger on popular sites . Many Popular Sites offer New Bloggers to Write a Blog Post for them . If you write a worthy enough Blog , You can get Massive Traffic .

Link Blogposts 

Link your Blog Posts to Each Other . This way people who reach one of your Blogpost can easily go to the other and the Search Engines can also crawl all of your Blogposts .

Sharing Links

Share the Links of Famous Blogs and Sites related to the Topic of your Blogpost in your Blogpost . 

Post on Weekends

People of every age are often busy on WeekDays . Everyone gets more Online on Weekends . 

Naming your Blog

Create a Easy , Short & Unique Blog Name .

Topic of your Post

Create easily searchable Topics . As SmartBloggerz says having a searchable topic is important to get Traffic by Search Engines . 

SEO Friendly 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation . Make Your Blog SEO Friendly to Make it visible / searchable on Search Engines - Google , Yahoo , Yandex etc . Here are few tips to make your Blog SEO Friendly :-

Custom PermaLinks :- Edit your PermaLink and Add Keywords in It

Write Lengthy :- Your Blogpost should be consisted of minimum 400 to 500 Words and Maximum 4500 to 5000 Words .

Meta Keywords :- Meta Keyword is one important way to optimise your website Search ranking . Search engines use meta keyword to filter sites for the search result . If your Blog / Site has good Meta Keywords your Blog / Site will rank high in Search results of search engines but if you have bad Meta Keywords your site will rank low or maybe don't even appear in the Search results of Search Engines .

Keywords :- Check Popularity of Keywords and Meta Keywords 

Use Keywords :- Add Popular Keywords to Title , URL , Meta Data , Headings and Sub Headings , Image Name , Alt Image Tags , Title Tag & Alt Tag :-  “<img alt = ''''
                src = " Image URL "
                title = " Keyword "
                alt = " Keyword " /> 
and Content .

Linking :- Link Blogposts to each other and other Popular Blogs related to the Topic of your Blog Post 

Tags :- Add 5 - 10 Tags per Blog post .

Comments :- Encourage Comments . Whenever anyone comments on your Blog , Reply Him .

Images :- Add at least 1 Image in Each Blogpost and Add More if you Can

• Check Out More SEO Tips Here

After you Blog Use these to Make your Blog Go Viral and Get in as many Traffic as Possible 

1.   Submit to Google
2.   Submit to Bing
3.   Submit to Yandex 
4.   Submit to Yahoo Buzz
5.   Submit to Digg
6.   Submit to Reddit
7.   Submit to Stumble Upon
8.   Submit to Fark
9.   Submit to Slashdot
10. Submit to Technorati
11. Share on Twitter
12. Share on Facebook
13. Share on Instagram
14. Share on Google+
15. Share on Youtube
16. Share on Pinterest
17. Share on LinkedIn
18. Share on MySpace
19. Join Blog Catalog
20. Join Networked Blogs


4 Jul 2014

Google To Shut Down Orkut

Google has Announced that it will close its Social Networking Site - Orkut . Orkut was Launched by Google 10 years ago - 2004 . It was more Famous Internationally then in the U.S . Facebook and Twitter became more Popular then Orkut .

Orkut will close on September 30 , 2014 . New Accounts cannot be Made Already .

Paulo Golgher ( Engineering Director for Google ) says " It's been a great 10 years , and we apologize to those still actively using the service . We hope people will find other online communities to spark more conversations and build even more connections for the next decade and beyond " #EreeBlog

18 Jun 2014

15 Ways to Extent your iPhone's Battery Life


How much battery life you consume may vary , depending on how you use your iPhone . To help your battery last longer , Try the following tips :

1. Lower display brightness as much as possible 

2. Turn Off Siri's " Raise to Speak "

3. Disable Automatic Music and App Downloads , And Automatic App Updates 

4. Enable " Reduce Motion " 

5. Turn off all vibration 

6. Turn Off Location Services 

7. Turn off 4G / LTE

8. Enable Wi-Fi when a Wifi is in Range - Wi-Fi uses much less Battery than Cellular data 

9. Disable Wi-Fi when there is no Wi-Fi in Range for an extended period of time

10. Reduce " Auto-Lock " Time 

11.Turn off Bluetooth when not in Use 

12. Disable AirDrop when not in Use

13. Turn Off Background App Refresh 

14. Set Email accounts to " Fetch " 

15. If the Battery life gets worst enabling Airplane mode or Disabling Mobile Data can Help .

The tips above will help improve the battery time of iPhone as much as possible .

How To :-

1. Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness 

2. Settings > General > Siri > Raise to Speak 

3. Settings > iTunes & App Store

4. Settings > General > Accessibility

5. Settings > Sounds

6. Settings > Privacy > Location Services 

7. Settings > Cellular

8. Settings > Wi-Fi

9. Settings > Wi-Fi 

10. Settings > General > Auto-Lock 

11. Settings > Bluetooth

12. Swipe up on screen to bring up the Control Center > tap AirDrop > select Off

13. Settings > General > Background App Refresh

14. Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars > Fetch New Data > Disable Push > set each Email account to Fetch 

15. Settings > Airplane Mode 


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